Our work in Northern Ireland

We’re working to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse in Northern Ireland and across the UK by helping to create safer places for all. Find our more.

We work together with churches, places of worship, organisations and Christian communities in Northern Ireland to create safer places for all within a Northern Irish policy and cultural context. In partnership with local churches, government and other organisations, we continue to develop our help and support we offer on a national basis.

We equip

A vital way we equip organisations in Northern Ireland is to provide training so that those working with children, young people and adults at risk have the right skills to work safely. Across our range of webinars and eLearning we deliver courses in all aspects of safeguarding including our CPD accredited Foundation courses specific to the Northern Irish legislative and policy context, and setting. Our long-established AccessNI service continues to be a provider for ANI checks to the faith sector in Northern Ireland.

We are members of the Northern Ireland Council on Voluntary Action and the Helplines NI network.  

We empower

Our nationally accredited safeguarding helpline continues to be one of our most-used services. Our dedicated helpline team provide guidance and advice to enable individuals and organisations to respond appropriately to issues of abuse in Northern Ireland and beyond. Year on year we see demand for our consultancy work increase and we are privileged to be able to work in partnership with a wide range of organisations to help support, encourage and equip organisations with their safeguarding needs.

We encourage

Our work in Northern Ireland assists churches, places of worship, organisations, individuals and Christian Communities to stand against oppression and exploitation. Through our work we are strengthening links to government and other organisations, to inform legislation and raise standards in safeguarding.

Latest news

Leigh McFarlane

Safeguarding Advisor - Northern Ireland

Leigh was born and raised in Northern Ireland and is passionate about developing best safeguarding practice within her native context. As well as being the lead for our strategic work in Northern Ireland, Leigh provides support and advice to organisation through our Safeguarding Helpline which she represents at the Helplines NI network, and by delivering training and bespoke consultancy services. She has an interest in safeguarding in the international context, having recently completed her postgraduate  research in this area, and is Safeguarding Co-ordinator for her church where she leads the children’s additional needs ministry.

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