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Question 5.

Does the role involve any of the following activities even if only once or occasionally?

  • Health or personal care*
  • Assisting with cash/paying bills or obtaining shopping
  • Transporting/accompanying to or from places where they will receive health/personal care, social work services, counselling/psychotherapy provided by or referred by a health care professional, the activities of regulated social workers
  • Assistance by virtue of a Power of Attorney

What is meant by 'health care'?

  • Health care means all forms of care provided for adults for physical or mental health needs (including palliative care) by a health care professional (a person regulated by bodies like General Medical Council; Nursing & Midwifery council for example).
  • Psychotherapy and counselling are included when provided by or referred by a health care professional or a social services placement/referral.
  • Services not provided by a health care professional are not covered by Regulated Activity i.e. life coaching; pastoral counselling etc; although if these are performed at least once a week, or four or more days in a 30 day period, or overnight they could be eligible for an enhanced DBS check without a check of the barred list/s. Please contact us for specific advice.

What is meant by 'personal care'?

  • Personal care is defined as those who provide or prompt an adult with physical assistance with eating; drinking; toileting; washing or bathing; dressing; oral care or care of skin, hair or nails due to the adult’s age, illness or disability, these would all be in Regulated Activity (except in circumstances where a hairdresser or a person cuts the hair of an adult).
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