*Please see our latest update concerning the publication of the Lessons Learned Review Report.  

Timeline of the review:

Stage 1 – Preliminary Stage (completed January 2020)


  • the development of an outline scope
  • public announcement of the review
  • call for individuals to participate in the Independent Advisory Group and wider review

Stage 2 – Commencement Stage (completed March 2020)


  • the establishment of an Independent Advisory Group
  • finalisation and agreement to the detailed scope of work

Stage 3 – Fieldwork Stage (to be completed by end July 2020)


  • Review of documentation, correspondence, policies and procedures provided by Emmanuel Church Wimbledon
  • Review of information and documentation gained from other sources
  • Interviews with a wide range of individuals including victims/survivors

Stage 4 – Analysis and reporting Stage (to be completed by end September 2020*)


  • Review Team to analyse information and draft report
  • Independent Advisory Group to quality assure and agree final report
  • Final report submitted to Emmanuel Church Wimbledon
  • Final report to be published by Emmanuel Church Wimbledon