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What is the listening service?

A listening service is a telephone service which offers the chance for adult survivors of abuse to talk about their experiences in detail and in confidence with a sensitive listener. Although it is not counselling, help to access counselling and other support can be arranged if needed.

The listening service for the Titus Trust Review is operated by Thirtyone:eight, the UK’s leading independent Christian safeguarding charity, and is operated completely independently of the Titus Trust.

All listeners are professionally trained, with backgrounds in social work, education or the police. All have extensive experienced in safeguarding and supporting those impacted by abuse. The Listeners are completely independent and separate from the review.

To find out more or to request help from the listening service email us using the link on this page and one of our team will be in touch.

The listener will enable you to:

  • Tell your story and talk through your experiences and feelings,
  • Think about what actions or next steps you want to take and support you in doing so,
  • Help explore if more in depth counselling is appropriate,
  • Provide information around agencies, support available and what is likely to next happen.

Listeners are carefully matched to each caller. We provide an initial four sessions which will last for approximately one hour. You will then have the chance to discuss your options and consider what further steps you would like to take if any.

What is shared remains confidential between you and the listener unless:

  • The Listener is concerned that you or others may be in danger
  • There is information shared that raises safeguarding concerns for others

The calls are not recorded. A simple summary of the conversation will be documented and shared with you after each session, along with the date and time of each call. This record will be held by us, and treated with strict confidentiality.

Anyone can access this service, whether they have a faith or no faith.  If you want to talk about previous experiences, matters of faith or other aspects of Christian life, you will be able to do so, but you do not have to or need to.

Our listening service is primarily a telephone service. There may be occasions when a face-to-face meeting would be more appropriate, however with Covid restrictions in place this will need to be considered. Online meetings may be offered as an alternative.

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