Safeguarding Pledge Podcast Episode III: Conceal Nothing

01 June 2021, Thirtyone:eight

IMPORTANT! Please be aware that this podcast covers issues to do with sexual abuse and contains descriptions of abuse which may be upsetting for some listeners. If you are impacted by what you hear and want to speak to someone you can call our Safeguarding Helpline on 0303 003 1111.

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In this episode we speak with Justin Humphreys (joint-CEO at Thirtyone:eight) and Leigh McFarlane (Our strategic lead for our work in Scotland and Northern Ireland).  We continuing our series looking at our safer places pledge and the opportunity it provides for people and organisations to respond in a positive way to issues of abuse. In this podcast we look at commitment three of six from the pledge and explore what it really means for organisations and individuals to conceal nothing n the context of safeguarding.

Statement 3: Conceal nothing

When abuse is discovered it is important that it is fully brought into the light so that justice can be served and those that have been affected can receive the help they need. We will not cover-up or collude but be open, transparent, and truly repentant about what has happened.

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