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The next five years.

Spring and Easter are full of imagery of hope for the future. This year in March Britain marks a year since the government responded to the Covid-19 pandemic with the first lockdown. Now many are starting to look to the future.

At Thirtyone:eight we are looking to the future in terms of our long-term strategy. March 2020 marked the end of our previous three year strategy and we are now focusing on our new growth strategy that will cover the next five years. The new strategy is built around four key areas of focus:

  • Sustainable growth
  • Collaborative approach
  • Professional development
  • Ethical application.

Sustainable growth

With the backdrop of Covid-19, this year has brought sustainability for the long term sharply into focus in terms of our business model and our environmental impact. At Thirtyone:eight we value our environment and strive to use the best technology and resources to maximise the effectiveness, impact and sustainability of our work. Financial planning and ensuring sound business models for the future alongside engaging with changes in the structure of Christian churches and communities are central to this. Greater engagement across all four nations of the United Kingdom and internationally are also high on our agenda. We continue to reduce our carbon footprint and are working to be a carbon neutral organisation.

Collaborative approach

We are an organisation that believes in the value that is brought by different perspectives, knowledge, experience and expertise and we will seek to strengthen the support we provide through working with others where possible. We are experts in our field, but recognise other organisations are experts in their related areas – working in partnership ensures users get the best possible service with a wide wealth of resources. This will help us continue influencing and leading change at a national and local level; growing new and existing partnerships and expanding our membership models and offers. We will also aim to develop our consultancy, training, help line and DBS offers in collaboration with our membership.

Professional development

Thirtyone:eight is an organisation that seeks to positively influence others through the outworking of our Christian faith, professionalism and desire to improve people’s experience through our own learning and development. This is measured by independent accreditations such as our growing CPD certification for our training, achieving and maintaining the Helpline Standard mark and working towards other recognised professional standards across the organisation. This increases the quality of work undertaken and provides opportunity to recognise good practice and increases our role as a leading and learning organisation.

Ethical application

At Thirtyone:eight we are inspired by God's call to 'speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable' as described in Proverbs 31:8. We are motivated by our Christian faith, which will always be demonstrated in our love for people and the way we engage with them; whether they share our faith or not. In this area of growth we will ensure all services continue to operate in line with our core Christian values, as well as seeking to respond to challenges and diversity in society.

"As we reach the end of our current strategic plan, all our departments continue to work hard to ensure the focus of our work remains in line with our mission and vision"

As we reached the end of our current strategic plan, all our departments continue to work hard to ensure the focus of our work remains in line with our mission and vision, especially given the challenges posed by the global pandemic that hit from March 2020 onwards. The impact of Covid-19 and lockdown meant that some areas of our strategic plan had to be moved forward to meet demand. Our online training offering has been fast-tracked and we now offer all our courses through webinar. Internal infrastructure has been reviewed in the light of the pandemic and we continue to make improvements to give us further flexibility in the future. We are proud and humbled by the dedication and professionalism of our staff at such a time as this and how they have responded to the challenges.

Our vision is a world where every child and adult can feel, and be, safe. It's a big vision and setting out our five year strategic plan means we can support all our members in moving towards that vision where safer places are created and people's lives are impacted for the better.

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