Understanding Spiritual Abuse

Understanding Spiritual Abuse

This course addresses the issue of spiritual abuse in the Church and Christian organisations. This training has been developed at this time because of a number of important factors. Firstly, in 2013 the definition of Domestic Violence and Abuse changed to extend the age range to anyone from 16 years and importantly, for this course, it included coercive control. At the same time, there has been growing awareness of experiences of coercive control in Churches and Christian faith organisations (Oakley & Kinmond, 2014). In 2017 Bournemouth university conducted research for thirtyone:eight into the topic of Spiritual Abuse and 1,002 respondents identified themselves as having experienced this form of abuse. This course has been developed, in part, out of this research. It identified the need for learning and practice development in this area. This learning will facilitate a better understanding and underpin effective prevention and response to spiritual abuse.

This is a half-day interactive programme delivered over a morning or an afternoon. Our professional and experienced trainer will use a range of methods to engage delegates from presentation slides to audiovisual clips and small group exercises. The session is quite varied and is delivered at a steady pace for those who are already familiar with some safeguarding terminology.

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Module 1

Understanding Spiritual Abuse

  • What is spiritual abuse?
  • Who are the perpetrators and where does it happen?
  • What are the key characteristics of spiritual abuse?

Module 2

Understanding The Impact of Spiritual Abuse

  • What are the different impacts of spiritual abuse?
  • How can an experience affect faith?

Module 3

Responding well to Spiritual Abuse

  • How to respond well to spiritual abuse
  • The importance of policy and procedure
  • Pathways for referral

Module 4

Healthy Culture

  • Characteristics of a healthy Christian culture
  • Being part of the culture
  • Looking to the future


We are currently not hosting face to face training. This course is available as a webinar, to see our full range click here.

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