Pastoral Care Webinar

Course description:

This webinar is for those who have a responsibility for pastoral care in a faith setting. Many churches are now finding that traditional pastoral care models which rely heavily upon ministers, church leaders and paid pastoral workers are changing, and many are seeking to re-imagine pastoral care models that develop the roles of all members. This course will explore the safeguarding issues surrounding pastoral care in the Church and Christian organisations. 

Course details:

This interactive webinar lasts 2.5 hours and is delivered over a morning or an afternoon. 

The course will be presented by one of our team of professional and experienced trainers and will include presentation slides,film clips and small group exercises to help delegates learn the content effectively. The session is delivered at a steady pace for those who are familiar with safeguarding terminology.


Course £39.99

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Module 1

Why we need a good practice framework

  • The Legislative Framework
  • The changing landscape of pastoral care in Churches
  • The distinctiveness of Christian pastoral care
  • Who are the Pastoral Carers?
  • The challenges of devolving pastoral care
  • Safeguarding implications

Module 2

Pastoral relationships and safer boundaries

  • Characteristics of healthy boundaries in pastoral relationships
  • Abuse of trust
  • Creating dependency
  • When care becomes coercive

Module 3

Pastoral care for those who have been abused

  • The impact of abuse on victims
  • The silence that can still exist around abuse
  • How to make the church a safer place to disclose abuse of any kind
  • How to support survivors of abuse pastorally
  • Signposting to other agencies

Module 4

Pastoral ministries and safeguarding implications

  • The range of ministries that have a pastoral care element
  • Prayer ministry
  • Selecting and equipping workers
  • Good practice guidelines
  • Codes of conduct
  • Keeping records
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