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Before making a complaint

If you are not satisfied with a service you have received from us or want to make a comment or leave feedback, use the form below.

We aim to resolve complaints as near to the point of service delivery as possible, which means that in most cases, issues will be resolved by the person responsible for whatever is causing the concern. All reasonable efforts will be made to respond quickly and resolve issues as they happen or as soon as we are made aware of them.

Who can make a complaint?

Our formal complaints process can only be used by anyone who has directly received a service from us. It may not be accessed by third parties where there has been no legitimate connection for the provision of services.

Examples of those eligible to make a complaint would be individuals or organisations who have:

  • Called our helplines
  • Attended our training
  • Commissioned specific consultancy work from us
  • Commissioned a piece of research

Anyone who has not commissioned or directly requested a service that has been provided is not eligible to make a complaint, but may make a comment about our services. Comments will always be acknowledged and considered, but will not be a part of the formal complaints process.

All comments and complaints information will be handled and stored securely in line with our Data privacy Policy.

Formal Complaints Process

In cases where informal resolution isn’t possible or appropriate, we will follow a three-stage formal complaint process (detailed below). For monitoring and learning purposes, the number and outcome of complaints are reported to the Board of Trustees to help identify any trends which may show a need to take further action.

Use the web form below to make your complaint or write to us: Complaints team, Thirtyone:eight, PO Box 133, Swanley, Kent, BR8 7UQ or to speak to someone call 0303 003 1111.

Making a Comment

If having read the information about making a complaint, you do not meet the criteria to use the formal complaints process, you may wish to make a comment using the form below.

A comment does not have to be an expression of dissatisfaction, but may be something you want to tell us that may help us improve.

Comments will always be considered by the appropriate person within the organisation, but may not always lead to a formal response. Whether we are able to respond or not, we value all feedback and will always seek to learn from it in an appropriate way.

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For more information on how we store and process your personal information see our Privacy notice.

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