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Where we work

Our mission is to support organisations across the UK, and those working internationally, to create safer places for all.

With significant differences in legislation, governance and terminology across the four nations of the UK and globally, as well as some similarities, we employ a team of specialist safeguarding advisors that are able to offer help and support that is relevant to the context you're working in.

Click on the region headers to find out more about who is your designated lead.

We equip

A vital way we equip organisations in the UK is to provide training so that those working with children, young people and adults at risk have the right skills to work safely. Across our range of webinars and eLearning we deliver courses in all aspects of safeguarding including our CPD accredited Foundation courses specific to the your countrie's legislative and policy context and setting.

We equip our members with safeguarding advice, policies and templates within the specific legislative and practice contexts,  

We empower

Our nationally accredited safeguarding helpline continues to be one of our most-used services. Our dedicated helpline team provide guidance and advice to enable individuals and organisations to respond appropriately to issues of abuse. Year on year we see demand for our consultancy work increase. We are privileged to have worked in association with a wide range of organisations in all four nations such as Scottish Churches, Alpha Scotland, Welsh Christian Safeguarding Forum, Helplines NI network and the National Working Group tackling Child Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief.

We encourage

Our work across the UK assists churches, places of worship, organisations and Christian Communities to stand against oppression and exploitation. Through our work we are strengthening links to government and other organisations, to inform legislation and raise standards in safeguarding.

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