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Thirtyone:eight is committed to operating at all times, and in everything that we do, to the highest standards of integrity. By promoting a culture of openness within Thirtyone:eight, employees and other stakeholders are encouraged to raise issues which are of concern. Knowing about concerns at an early stage, means steps can be taken to safeguard the interests of all and should usually prevent problems before they happen.

This policy does not form part of any employee’s contract of employment. Thirtyone:eight may unilaterally introduce, vary, remove or replace this Policy at any time.

We are committed to good practice and aim to review our policy annually.


This policy applies to all staff, the Board of Trustees, volunteers, consultants, stakeholders, and anyone working on behalf of Thirtyone:eight. It should be read in conjunction with all other relevant Thirtyone:eight policies. All Thirtyone:eight staff are expected to comply with this policy and failure to comply may lead to disciplinary action for misconduct.

It should be read alongside our other policies and procedures in particular those relating to Safeguarding and Data Protection.

The Policy

Thirtyone:eight is committed to providing a high-quality service and we hold the privacy and dignity of those seeking our support in high regard, and we recognise the importance of confidentiality in our interactions with individuals who contact us for help. It is important that anyone contacting Thirtyone:eight has complete confidence and trust in our services. Our service is confidential, and we carefully protect any information that individuals choose to share with us.

Any information that an individual discloses is treated respectfully and sensitively. The team work closely to ensure that individuals receive the best support we can offer so sometimes it is necessary to share information within the team. In accordance with good self-care practice the team may also discuss matters in confidential supervision or support sessions with counsellors who are under the same obligations regarding confidentiality as staff and volunteers.

Personal information conveyed to Thirtyone:eight will not be shared outside Thirtyone:eight without explicit and informed consent (other than in the exceptional circumstances listed below). Sometimes in order to help an individual we may need to liaise with external organisations so that we can provide effective support, e.g. contacting other support agencies or counsellors. In these circumstances we will ask for permission to share any relevant information.

Exceptional circumstances and limitations to confidentiality

There are instances when we are unable to maintain our commitment to confidentiality. These are circumstances where:

  • An individual is perceived to be at serious and immediate risk of harming themselves or others
  • An individual discloses details of their involvement in child abuse or abuse of a vulnerable adult
  • We are required by law to do so.

In such circumstances we would seek to obtain consent prior to disclosure of any personal information, but if the risk of non-disclosure is judged to be sufficiently serious the information will be shared without consent.

Record Keeping

Individuals may provide information of a personal and sensitive nature. A record of the discussion will be kept to ensure that the appropriate response is provided, particularly if the individual contacts Thirtyone:eight again. Access to this information is limited to staff only on a need-to-know basis.

We keep computer-based records of information provided to us. All personal and sensitive data is processed in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

We collect routine statistical information about those using our services, which is anonymised and used for reporting and evaluation purposes. This information may be summarised and used in Thirtyone:eight publications. We take great care to ensure that no individually identifiable information is disclosed.

The period for which records are held before destruction and the way in which Thirtyone:eight handles data is informed by current data protection legislation and good practice within the safeguarding sector.

Access to Records

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (2018) individuals have the right to access information held about them. Individuals may request access to the personal data held about them by Thirtyone:eight by emailing

November 2023

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