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Non-discrimination statement

As an independent, Christian charity we support organisations and individuals from across the breadth and diversity of society. We equip them with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to protect themselves, and others, from harm and abuse. We do this by providing guidance and advice on the implementation of safeguarding best practice and the creation of safer cultures.

In any situation our focus is on the specific safeguarding issues, regardless of the setting, context, or belief system.

Those who come to us for help get advice that is impartial, unbiased and based on our 45 years of professional experience and latest research. In all our work we operate on the basis that every person is worthy of love, respect, dignity and protection from all harm.

We stand against the abuse and harm of others and support any efforts that are made to prevent practices that cause harm, override the will and choice of others, and violate their sense of self and dignity.

Where there is concern about abuse or harm, we will always advise that this is reported and responded to in accordance with best practice and safeguarding procedures.

Safeguarding is our focus and expertise. This is what we will take a view on, speak out about, and act on.

What does this means for me?

We want all our services and support to be open and accessible to everyone. When you come to us for help, we want you to feel safe, valued, and cared for.

To do this we seek to foster an environment of purposeful inclusion and mutual respect. We do not endorse or promote any particular political, religious, or theological view, or require you to adhere to any particular religious belief, practice or creed.

In all our areas of work we seek to respect diversity regardless of our differences including, your race, nationality, gender, ability, disability, sexualityi, class, or religionii. We stand against discrimination in all its forms and will seek to affirm you as an individual and respect your right to individual freedom of expression.

We recognise that existing and historical systems of power, privilege and status have created barriers which make it difficult for some people to disclose their experiences to organisations who, like us, identify as Christian. This can often be the case where any harm or abuse may have occurred within a Christian faith setting. If you feel like this, we want you to know that we are committed to learning how we can better enable you to feel confident and safe in approaching us.

If you have any questions or concerns about engaging with any of our services, or would like to discuss ways we may be able to support you better, you can contact us in confidence.

We know that we are on a journey of learning, and we actively welcome your input to help us serve you better.

i Including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ+).

ii Including those who have a recognised faith, belief system or no faith at all.


Page last updated: 26 June 2023

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