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Independent and thought-leading, we equip organisations, churches, other faith groups, individuals and government with the safeguarding tools they need to protect vulnerable people.

Our vision:

Our vision is a world where every child and adult can feel, and be, safe.

Our mission:

To equip

We will equip society with the knowledge and skills to create safer environments for children and adults at risk.

To empower

We will empower society to respond appropriately to those who are vulnerable or have experienced abuse.

To encourage

We will encourage society to stand against oppression and exploitation by informing legislation and striving to raise the standards in safeguarding practice.

Our values:

Our values are what make us tick. They are how we behave and how we communicate.  They are what you can expect from us, our DNA.


We are honest and have strong moral principles. We are transparent and fair in everything we do.


We are a Christian organisation, who are inspired to 'speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable' as we believe God told us to. This is the foundational pillar of all our work.


We want other organisations and groups to grow in knowledge and confidence – that’s why we share our knowledge and encourage people to use it.

Thought leader

We are experts at the forefront of raising safeguarding standards, and we share our knowledge with churches, organisations and the government, as well as the general public.


We understand that every person is unique, we value and care for every person who needs our help and treat them accordingly.

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