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No set-up fee

For new members, there is no set-up fee (usually charged at £45 +VAT for eBulk registration) as this is included as a benefit of your membership with us.

As a member you get access to our dedicated Disclosure Helpline and our free to download policy templates, support notes, and guidance.

Processing fees

The Disclosure and Barring Service (England and Wales) and AccessNI (Northern Ireland) charge a set fee per check for any paid workers but not for volunteers (with some exceptions).

Our administration fees cover the costs of processing the check, and hosting our secure online system.

If you are a large organisation, group or church denomination (processing a minimum of 500 checks per year), call us to discuss our bespoke scheme and rates on 0303 003 11 11.

For our paper only DBS users we provide the first ten volunteer checks free of charge.

DBS checks

  • Enhanced (Paid worker)  - £38 (DBS fee) plus £10.21+VAT (admin fee)
  • Enhanced and Standard (Volunteer) - £10.21+VAT (admin fee)
  • Standard (Paid worker) - £18 (DBS fee) plus £10.21 +VAT (admin fee)
  • Basic check  (Paid worker and volunteer)- £18 (DBS fee) plus £10.21+VAT (admin fee)
  • Returned rejected applications (paper only) - £5+VAT per form (admin fee)

AccessNI checks

  • Paid worker (standard and enhanced) - £33 (AccessNI fee) plus £18+VAT (admin fee)
  • Volunteer enhanced check - £18+VAT (admin fee)
  • Returned rejected applications - £5+VAT per form (admin fee)

Payment method

We accept payment by Direct Debit only which is collected monthly. You will receive a Direct Debit notification by email giving 15 days notice before any money is taken.


Page last updated: 06 September 2022

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