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Any organisation wanting to process DBS checks for their workers needs to appoint an 'umbrella' organisation approved by the DBS to process checks on their behalf, however not all umbrella organisations offer the same levels of service support. We've been processing checks since the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) began in 2002, and today we are now the single biggest provider of DBS checks to the faith sector. So you're in good hands. To find out more about our services and to register use the links below.


What is a DBS check?

Criminal records checks help organisations identify candidates who may be unsuitable to work with vulnerable people. But what are they? Find answers to our frequently asked questions here.

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Appointing a lead recruiter

To process DBS checks your organisation will need to appoint a lead recruiter who will be the person responsible for managing the checking process. Find out how to become a lead recruiter here.

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Who can I check?

From a Basic to an Enhanced level check, we provide a range of checks and other services that can help you make recruitment decisions. Learn about the different levels of check and what you might use them for.

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DBS Code of Practice

Any organisations wanting to use the Disclosure Service are required to fully comply with DBS Code of Practice. Find out what is covered and what this means for your organisation here.

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Our charges

With our Disclosure service we seek only to cover our running costs.  Our prices are based on a fixed fee set by the Disclosure and Barring Service and our own admin costs. See our full list of charges here.

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Before you register

Before submitting your application there are a number of policies you need to have in place. Find out what these are and where to download our amendable templates to make sure you have everything covered.  

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Register with us

To process DBS checks with us we'll need a couple of signatures from you. Simply download, print, sign and complete the application form and post it back to us at the address listed at the top of the form. We'll do the rest.   

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