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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you may continue to use the general members login to access the members area of the website until further notice. However, we recommend that you should use your own individual account once it is created. 

All you need to know with regard to the process of registering with us as well as the costs involved can be found at here. You should find this self-explanatory, but if not then please call us on 0303 003 11 11. You can also see the many other services we provide by looking at guide to services

We have separate types of login due to the requirement for security in the various areas.  Please go to the link on the Thirtyone:eight homepage to login and select the relevant area for which you want to recover your password and click on the Forgotten your password? link and enter your email address and we'll send you a link to create a new password. 

Yes, you need an account on the website to access the online safeguarding manual.  If you are a member, then you should have received an email with login details.    

To book training or an event:

  1. You will need to create your own portal account on our website. If you do not already have one you can create one here.

Please note:

  • if you have previously used an account beginning [email protected] or [email protected] to access our safeguarding manual or recruiter’s information these cannot be used to book events. Please take time to create a portal account in your own name, with your own email address.
  • if you have a username and password to access our DBS Criminal Records checking system that cannot be used to book events either.
  1. You will need an email address for each delegate you are booking for. These need to be different. We use the email addresses to send joining instructions, certificates, slides and any additional documentation required for the course to each delegate.
  2. A means of paying. Either a credit or debit card.
From 11th January 2021 any delegates attending one of our training or learning courses will receive a certificate of attendance by email. These will usually be sent to you within one week of you completing the course.

I'm a DBS Recruiter...

Yes, you may continue to use the general recruiters login until further notice to access the recruiters area of our website? However, we recommend that you should use your own individual account once it is created. 

The website login details are completely different to your Ebulk login details for processing online DBS checks. To submit online DBS Checks, go to manage applications section of our webaite. If you are a Lead Recruiter or Recruiter, you should have received emails containing login details at the time of being appointed. If you are having trouble accessing the Ebulk system for processing DBS checks please email: [email protected]

Being a Recruiter (or a Lead Recruiter), you may change your telephone number only on the website (via your Portal).  If you need to amend any other details or add/remove any Recruiters, please email [email protected] to be provided with the appropriate form.

To submit DBS Check, you must log in to our online DBS system and manage applications. If you are a Lead Recruiter, then you should have received an email with login details.   Please call or email us if you have any further questions.

Yes, you need an account on the website to request external ID and you also need to be a Lead Recruiter or a Recruiter to do so. 

Yes, if you are a recruiter with multiple organisations who are members with thirtyone:eight, you need to have multiple accounts on the website.  Please call thirtyone:eight about this. 

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