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Third Party Details

Completing this application for yourself? - select NO to the first question and continue.

Completing the application on behalf of someone else? - select YES and provide your personal details as asked. For the rest of the form you must enter the details of the person you're completing the application for.

Personal Information

Enter your details as directed. If you have any middle name(s) you must enter these, particularly if they appear on your identity documents, e.g. passport, driving licence, birth certificate, etc.

Any missing information in this section may significantly delay the processing of your criminal record check.

Driving Licences

If the system rejects your Driving Licence number it is likely you have missed something off the application form (e.g. a middle name) or a name is missing from the licence, or you have entered your gender or date of birth incorrectly. Re-check this information and try again. If your licence number is still rejected, please contact your Recruiter for further assistance.

Driving licences issued in Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, and Jersey are in a different format to the rest of the UK and will not be recognised by this box, so please answer NO (there will be a chance for the Recruiter to enter this number later).


Page last updated: 01 March 2023

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