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Basic disclosures are useful where a role is not eligible for an enhanced check but requires (or publicly indicates) a certain level of trust by an organisation. 

This could include roles such as:

  • Worship leaders
  • People providing transport to/from events
  • Administrators and Finance officers
  • Food bank volunteers
  • Welcomers and refreshment servers
  • Preachers
  • and others 

Anyone can apply as long as they live or work in the UK (those living/working in Scotland will need to apply via Disclosure Scotland and those in Northern Ireland via Access NI).

The DBS fee for a basic disclosure is £18.00 per check (no difference for paid or volunteer workers) plus our admin fee (the same as you already pay for your Enhanced checks). 

Basic disclosures are a very useful recruitment aid but please remember that a basic must NEVER be used in place of an enhanced disclosure, where the role is eligible for an enhanced check.

Enable my organisation to process Basic Disclosures

The Lead Recruiter should complete the below fields to enable basic disclosures to be submitted.
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