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Helplines Standard 2020-23

Thirtyone:eight has been awarded the national quality standard for ‘outstanding’ helpline provision for 2020-2023 by Helplines Partnership (the National body for helpline providers in the UK and internationally). This accreditation has been specifically developed for the helpline sector to recognise excellence and best practice in service delivery.

What this means for you?

This accreditation means that users of our Helplines, and those commissioning our services, can be confident that the service you receive is always of the highest quality which has been independently audited against industry standards.

What's included in the standard?

The Helplines Standard identifies the practices that enable an organisation to deliver a helpline service which is ‘consistent, relevant to the needs of its stakeholders and effective in what it is trying to achieve’.


The accreditation framework looks at the following three areas:

"The Thirtyone:eight helpline is strongly focused on meeting the needs of its callers." - Helplines Partnership

1. Planning and running the helpline

  • Mission, aims and strategic planning
  • Confidentiality, data protection and risk
  • Operations
  • Technology and resources


2. The service that is provided

  • Service user experience
  • Interactions with service users
  • Social media and online services
  • Performance, monitoring and development

3. Recruitment, training and development

  • Human resources
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training
  • Supervision, support and continuing development

In granting the award, Helplines Partnership said “It was clear that the Thirtyone:eight helpline is strongly focused on meeting the needs of its callers. From observations and discussions undertaken during the assessment, the commitment to delivering an effective high-quality service was strongly evident. Helplines Partnership would like to congratulate those involved." - Helplines Partnership


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