Commit together to create safer places.

Use this commitment statement as part of your worship or commissioning service for workers. This can also be used in combination with or as a follow on to our Safer Places Pledge.

Our commitment to safeguarding:

  • We commit to each share responsibility for creating an environment that is safe for all
  • We commit to pray for our safeguarding lead(s) and those working with children and adults 
  • We commit to respect the boundaries that are in place to protect others
  • We commit to support those in our church who have been hurt or abused
  • We commit to provide on-going safeguarding training for all our workers
  • We commit to allow sufficient time and resources to make our recruitment of workers safer 
  • We commit to maintaining an open culture where people are encouraged to share concerns 
  • We commit to not take offence when challenged about our presence or behaviour


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