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Thirtyone:eight has released an original new song as part of their suite of educational resources for children ahead of Safeguarding Sunday and to coincide with World Day for Child Protection Professionals.

The new song entitled 'Raise your Roar', features the character Roarry the Lion, and has been specially written to help teach children important safeguarding messages and learn skills such as how to raise their voice, their 'roar', and speak up when things aren’t right.

The song is based around Roarry’s Ranger Code, which gives children four simple steps to remember:

  • When I feel worried or upset, I won’t keep it to myself.
  • I will raise my roar and speak to someone I trust.
  • I know which grown-ups I can go to for help.
  • I will use my roar to speak up for others.

The Ranger Code forms the foundation of the charity's 'Raise your Roar with Roarry' resources, which were launched at Spring Harvest this year, and developed in partnership with a group of children's and youth workers specifically to address issues of harm and abuse in the context of Christian faith.

Drawing on stories from the Bible where children have spoken up or spoken out about issues and injustice, the resources are designed to help children learn that the Bible shows us that God wants us to use the voice he has given us to speak up for ourselves and others as we’re encouraged to do in Proverbs 31:8.

Peter Wright, Thirtyone:eight's Head of Communications, who co-wrote the song, said, 'Teaching children that it's OK to speak up and tell someone they trust when they feel worried, upset or unsure about something that they've seen, heard, or experienced, are important messages our children need to hear. But talking with children about these issues can feel daunting – where do you start?

Music is the perfect medium to help make these messages stick! With this song, and the resources that go with it, we hope to see many churches and children's groups feeling equipped to share these important messages in a fun and memorable way, so that the children they care for can feel, and be, safe.'

The song, which is featured as part of the digital resource pack for Safeguarding Sunday, is available to download for free from the charity's website

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