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In February 2020, Thirtyone:eight was commissioned by The Crowded House, Sheffield to undertake an independent Learning Review concerning the leadership of The Crowded House. This was following allegations from several individuals against Steve Timmis, together with concerns about the wider church culture. This review has now been completed in line with the agreed scope. On Thursday 29th October 2020, The Crowded House published the full report of that independent learning review along with a statement by the current elders 'fully and wholeheartedly accepting the conclusions of the Learning Review'.

The review team at Thirtyone:eight would, first and foremost, like to thank the victims, survivors and others affected by the matters addressed within the learning review of The Crowded House. It must be acknowledged that through their courageous willingness to assist this process, a great deal of valuable learning has been identified. It has been essential that we all listen to their voices and draw from what they have shared a number of recommendations for tangible action and meaningful change.

Our review team would also like to thank the current leadership of The Crowded House, who have committed to assisting an open and unobstructed process of learning.

Justin Humphreys, our Chief Executive (safeguarding), says "In undertaking a review of this nature, it is important that we are able to do so in a way that empowers those who have been disempowered, shines a light where there are dark corners, and brings clarity where there is confusion."

"This review has been commissioned by The Crowded House and the learning is primarily for them to take forward. However, there is also learning for the wider Church, and we would encourage all church leaders to take time to read this report and consider what lessons might be of value in their own areas of responsibility and across the wider church. This is an opportunity to be accountable and part of making change happen. We must all shoulder this responsibility together."

"It is encouraging that the leadership of The Crowded House is fully accepting of our findings and that they have committed to a full implementation of the recommendations we have made. We pray for wisdom and would encourage them to pursue these recommendations with diligence and courage as they seek to establish safer and healthier cultures within their churches. Thirtyone:eight will offer whatever assistance we can to this process."

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