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Thirtyone:eight has been commissioned by the Titus Trust to undertake an independent review of the current culture of the Titus Trust.

The review will explore any good practice and failings in the different cultures of each of the Trust’s holiday groups (including the work of Iwerne and Forres in recent years), and the culture of the Trust as a whole. The review will focus on what these cultures have been like over recent years, in order to help the Titus Trust ensure they are creating a healthy culture for the future.

While the review will focus particularly on the last five years, the reviewers will consider relevant evidence from beyond this timeframe where necessary in order to understand how the current culture has been shaped by what went before, and also to understand how the culture has changed over time and how the trustees have acted as part of this process.

We are thankful for all who have come forward to date to participate in the Titus Trust Culture Review. We value the contributions which will aid the insights and learning.

A critical part of Titus Trust activity is the camps they hold for hundreds of young people each year. It is therefore imperative that the Review team visit these camps to not only hear about the culture at Titus Trust, but to see the culture during live activity.

Due to COVID-19, the Easter camps have not been able to proceed in their usual manner. The Review Team will therefore now be going on site to visit the Summer camps taking place in July and August. This means that there will be a delay and it is now planned that the final report will be published in October 2021.

We would still value from hearing from anyone who feels they have information that speaks to the scope which can be found here.

The process we are adopting can be found here.

Invitation to participate remains open until 11th June 2021. If you feel you would like to participate in the review, please do make contact with us through [email protected] 

We continue to offer an independent helpline offering support to anyone who feels they have been harmed or who has concerns relating to the Titus Trust. If you have been affected in this way and you would like to speak to someone independent about this, you can contact the Thirtyone:eight Safeguarding Helpline on 0303 003 1111. Please quote ‘Titus 2020’.

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