Service Agreements

What are Service Agreements?

Service Agreements exist to support partnering organisations with all aspects of their Safeguarding services. They are tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, which is scoped through an initial meeting, providing the Head of Training and Consultancy with an overview of the organisation’s structure, services and existing safeguarding arrangements. This serves as a catalyst to explore the safeguarding strengths and needs to help envisage where we may have services that could best support the organisation, and operate on an annual basis.

How are they structured?

The service agreement is an annual agreement, which once scoped is transferred into a template document. Each agreement has two key elements:


These are the safeguarding service elements included in the annual service agreement fee. They are clearly identified within the template and can include information sharing arrangements, and the amount of included time with a designated Relationship Manager.


These are services that have been identified as potentially helpful to the organisation, but that are likely to be needed to be scoped separately, either due to their changing needs for example, with training, or due to the uncertainty of the level of need and what may arise throughout the course of the year, with consultancy.

The agreement, once approved will be overseen by the Safeguarding Advisor and their line manager to ensure appropriate contact is made, and the services that are included within the agreement are delivered according to agreed timescales.

What level of contact can I expect?

Your Account Manager will make contact at least quarterly with your organisation to explore any safeguarding issues that may have arisen, together with ensuring all aspects of the service agreement are being met, in terms of policy work, training and any additional consultancy services requested.

What are the benefits?

A Service Agreement provides a means for all the organisation’s safeguarding needs to be explored, tailored and met within the means of one agreement. It enables the organisation to have a named safeguarding professional assigned to their organisation to help gain a solid understanding of how the organisation operates and how to ensure best practice across all aspects of its safeguarding.

It enables any common themes or gaps in learning across the organisation to be identified and addressed in a mutually agreeable format, and a forum to discuss any safeguarding concerns with a designated Account Manager who has both the safeguarding expertise as well as the understanding of the needs a faith context brings to this.

How much will it cost?

We offer a tiered approach to our service agreements:

  • Standard service agreement
  • Advanced service Agreement
  • Premier service agreement

Each service agreement is cost against the safeguarding needs of the organisation, the provision being sought, and the detail of the services being provided both in terms of quantity and complexity. These can each be discussed within the scoping appointment.

How often is it reviewed?

A review of the service agreement will take place annually. This will enable:

  • Both the organisation and the Relationship manager to review the effectiveness of the arrangements from the previous year.
  • To explore any organisational developments over that past year, and any implications this may have on safeguarding arrangements, for example, policy updates where new areas of service have been developed.
  • To look at future plans for the coming year and identify ways we may be able to either continue to, or additionally support your organisation.
  • A survey monkey evaluation form will be sent to enable you as an organisation to both provide feedback on your experience, but also to shape future services for yourselves and others.

If you're interested in a service agreement or any of the services we offer you can contact us using our online form or to speak to someone call our friendly team on 0303 003 1111.

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