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Everything you need to implement an effective safeguarding policy

Why have a safeguarding policy?

Safeguarding policies are not just good practice but are written into government guidance.  If you are a registered charity working with vulnerable groups (children and adults), the Charity Commission will expect you to have a safeguarding policy which your Trustees will be held accountable for implementing.  Here are some other good reasons for having a safeguarding policy:

  • Having a policy is the basis for making sure that all those you have contact with can feel, and be, safe. 

  • It is the basis for setting expectations of working practise and behaviour, and allows you to identify and appropriately challenge when things are not done in line with those expectations. 

  • Your insurance will likely require you to have a policy in place and your insurer may ask to see a copy.

Having a well thought-through safeguarding policy demonstrates that your organisation values the children and adults within their care.  A policy is not something that should be put in a drawer and forgotten about, but should be a working document that is continually reviewed and updated. 

All policies should be formally reviewed and approved by trustees and leaders at regular intervals at least once a year.

Although it is not intended that lots of copies should be printed and circulated, it is essential that everyone knows that there is a policy and who to ask about it.  You should prominently display the fact that you have a policy on notice boards and on your website.

How we can help you.

Many places of worship and other organisations will find the task of creating and maintaining policies a daunting one. Our aim is to make this as straight-forward as we can through providing expert guidance and tools to organisations of all sizes and types. Access to this support is a key benefit of membership with us:

Organisations can access our popular model safeguarding policy template through our online safeguarding manual. This is based on our unique 10 safeguarding standards and provides the structure and wording needed to cover all the elements needed to ensure your organisation is fully compliant.  This template can be used to create an individual policy, unique to your own setting and requirements.  This service is available to organisations with a current annual membership with us.

We offer a full policy review service for organisations using our model template policy.  We will review it to ensure it contains all necessary elements and will make suggestions on amendments and any additions that should be included.

We can undertake more detailed bespoke policy development, where we work alongside organisations who need more specified policies tailored to their particular context and setting to ensure they are fit for purpose. This is available to any organisation although members benefit from a discount.

We have devised a unique hands-on workshop for those who don't now where to start or are completely new to the world of safeguarding.  This face-to-face course is designed for up to two people to attend from your organisation and the cost includes a free policy review upon completion.  Find out more here.

If you're interested in our policy support or any of the services we offer you can contact us using our online form or to speak to someone call our friendly team on 0303 003 1111.

Policy writing workshop

Practical workshop for developing, writing and communicating an effective safeguarding policy tailored to your organisation.  With expert on-hand support and guidance.

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We deliver face-to-face safeguarding training across the UK from basic level to specialist courses plus online and hosted courses.

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Our range of consultancy services help organisations of all sizes deal with complex safeguarding issues from audits and reviews to international child protection.

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