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Scope of the review

The scope will provide the basis for thirtyone:eight to undertake a robust and comprehensive exploration of both good practice and failings in culture and safeguarding practice at The Crowded House. The Review will examine the actions, decisions, leadership culture, and ministry activities of the church, in order to help The Crowded House leaders to understand what has happened, learn from past errors, to seek forgiveness where appropriate, and to ensure a healthy church culture for the future.

The aim of the review is therefore to ascertain the following:

  1. As far as is possible, a comprehensive picture of Steve Timmis’s activities in relation to the alleged harm caused to individuals, whilst serving as an elder at The Crowded House. 
  2. To gain as far as possible, a comprehensive picture of any other Crowded House leader’s activities in relation to any harm they are alleged to have caused individuals whilst serving as an elder at The Crowded House. 
  3. Were any of the alleged abusive incidences known to anyone at The Crowded House prior to the media publication. 
  4. Why it took such a long period of time for the abuse allegations to come to light. 
  5. To what extent the cultural context at The Crowded House provided an environment for any alleged abuse to occur and to not be disclosed, and what factors contributed to this. 
  6. To what extent the policy, procedure and process for reporting abuse prevented earlier disclosure, and/or earlier action. 
  7. Whether The Crowded House response to the disclosures and allegations has been adequate and protective. 
  8. What additional steps have already been taken to improve The Crowded House’s processes, culture, etc to mitigate any risk of repetition of such events or similar.  
  9. What lessons need to be learned by The Crowded House, and what measures still need to be implemented to help prevent any such abusive incidences from re-occurring, and how are these supported by current policies and procedures.

Thirtyone:eight recognises that the information shared and discussed could lead to upset, distress or anxiety for those participating. All will have access to the thirtyone:eight safeguarding team to discuss any concerns, and if appropriate will have access to the listening service provided by thirtyone:eight.

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