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Summary scope of the review

The scope will provide the basis for Thirtyone:eight to undertake a robust and comprehensive exploration of any good practice and failings in the different cultures of each of the Trust’s holiday groups (including the work of Iwerne and Forres in recent years), and the culture of the Trust as a whole. The review will focus particularly on what these cultures have been like in the last five years, in order to help the Titus Trust ensure they are creating a healthy culture for the future. 

The review will seek to gain insights and understanding of both present culture, and aspects of past culture inherited. It will not look back beyond December 1997, when the Titus Trust first came into existence, although it will consider relevant aspects of culture that the Titus Trust may have inherited where this helps fulfill the purpose of the culture review.

The Titus Trust wishes to explore: 
  • What steps have already been taken and what additional measures need to be taken to improve the Titus Trust’s safeguarding, reporting and other processes, and the Titus Trust’s culture, and to mitigate any risk of abusive or harmful behaviour occurring. 
  • To what extent the cultural context at the Titus Trust, both inherited from the past (where known) and present, provided an environment enabling those who committed abuse to serve without this being made known or disclosed, what factors contributed to this, and whether there were cultural elements that meant it took such a long period of time for past allegations to come to light. 
  • Whether any changes need to be made in the continued building of a healthy culture in order to facilitate gospel ministry in independent schools. 
  • What opportunities there are for wider learning for organisations beyond Titus Trust. 
The review will consider aspects of organisational culture such as: 
  • Organisational stories and commentary
  • Symbolism and messaging
  • Power dynamics
  • Organisational structures
  • Control systems
  • Behaviours and routine

The process and methodology for the review can be viewed here.

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