Domestic Abuse Webinar

in partnership with Restored

Course description:

This course produced in partnership with the charity Restored, will look at the prevalence and impact of Domestic Abuse and explore how the church is not immune from these issues.  We will look at how to respond well and actions to take to address this form of abuse. This course is for anyone who is passionate about preventing Domestic Abuse and helping people access the right support.

Course details:

This interactive webinar is delivered over two consecutive sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours. Delegates will need to attend both sessions in order to complete the course. Modules one and two will be covered in session one, modules three and four will be covered in session two.

The course will be presented by one of our team of professional and experienced trainers and will include presentation slides,film clips and small group exercises to help delegates learn the content effectively. The session is delivered at a steady pace for those who are familiar with safeguarding terminology.



Course £49.99

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Session 1

1. What is Domestic Abuse and who is most affected?

  • To develop a clear understanding of domestic abuse and who is affected by it; exploring power dynamics, myths, perceptions and current research and statistics.

2. Domestic Abuse and the Impact on Children.

  • To understand domestic abuse within the context of its impact upon children; exploring signs and indicators of domestic abuse using case studies and scenarios.

Session 2

3. Theological reflections and the role of the Church

  • To have been given the opportunity to explore and reflect upon relevant theology and to identify ways that the church might influence perceptions and be a catalyst for change. 

4. Strategies for Support and creating safer cultures.

  • To gain insight into strategies and support available for those facing domestic abuse and to explore what safer cultures might look; with opportunities to develop your own action plan.
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