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Safeguarding Sunday is happening again on Sunday 19 November 2023 and we'd love you to join us! Here's why...

The impact of marking Safeguarding Sunday in your church can be HUGE!

Last year churches who took part reported:

    • GREATER positive awareness of safeguarding among church members.
    • An INCREASE in the number of people feeling able to disclose abuse for the first time.
    • MORE volunteers coming forward for safeguarding vacancies and to support with children’s and youth work.
    • An INCREASED number of people completing safeguarding training and criminal record checks.

And the number of Safeguarding Leads feeling supported and appreciated in their role by their church was.... you guessed it, BIGGER!

We'll give you everything you need to help plan and run your event whether you can give just a few minutes or can dedicate your whole service.

We'll be releasing details of how you can register soon. In the meantime why not download the resources from last year.

Download last year's resource pack here.

Here's what churches said:

“It was a powerful service and many people took part. It contributed and reinforced to the culture we want to create! We can’t thank you enough.”

Safeguarding Sunday 2022

“It has sparked conversations and introduced safeguarding as a normal part of our church life and our Christian walk. So powerful!”

Safeguarding Sunday 2022

"My safeguarding officer felt particularly affirmed, and it was probably the first time she’d been publicly prayed for in church like that.”

Safeguarding Sunday 2022

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