Safeguarding Audits

What is a safeguarding audit?

Safeguarding audits provide a comprehensive analysis of an organisation’s safeguarding. By working through the effective use of policies, procedures, training and the embedding of these into the safeguarding culture, they provide a greater confidence in the strengths and identify the key areas of development required to ensure best safeguarding practice.

How is it undertaken?

A safeguarding audit, involves a review of all your organisation’s relevant policies and procedures, to gain a good understanding of recommended practice, and to identify both good existing practice, as well as areas of risk. Interviews then help assess whether this guidance transfers into practice, and explore how well the guidance is embedded into the practice, values and culture of the organisation.

What will I receive?

We use an audit tool template, based upon our unique framework of 10 safeguarding standards. This provides a comprehensive assessment of your organisation against each standard, highlighting whether the standard is met, and how together with any comments on what might need to be developed to ensure practice is more robust, and risks are managed.

A full report will be received, with clear summaries against each standard, recommendations for sharpened practice, and a facilitated action plan.

When should I undertake a safeguarding audit?

Safeguarding audits are an ideal tool to instill any organisation with confidence about their safeguarding practice. For some, it will be a device used to reassure them that they have everything in place to best ensure safe practice across their organisation. For others it can follow a safeguarding concern or incident, and a desire to help protect the organisation against any such recurrences or any associated risks that the issue highlights.

What are the benefits of an audit?

Whatever the context leading to a safeguarding audit, it will consistently bring a thorough assessment of your organisation’s safeguarding practice. It will provide an outline of the areas of strength, together with highlighting key areas of safeguarding practice that need strengthening. It will highlight clear recommendations that can help serve as an action plan to help raise the standards of safeguarding across your organisation.

How can I be sure it will be effective?

All our consultancy reports are quality assured by both the Head of Consultancy and the Executive Director for Safeguarding. This helps ensure we are content that our work is of a consistent, comprehensive and professional standard. We ask all those who commission an audit to undertake an evaluation following the completion of the service. It is important to us that our commissioners are happy that the service met their stated aims, and if not, we want to hear to ensure we can shape our services accordingly.

If you're interested in a safeguarding audit or any of the services we offer you can contact us using our online form or to speak to someone call our friendly team on 0303 003 1111 (option 3).

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