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The Independent learning review concerning the leadership of The Crowded House

Last updated: 29 October 2020

Thirtyone:eight has been commissioned by The Crowded House, Sheffield to undertake an independent Learning Review concerning the leadership of The Crowded House.

An article in Christianity Today in February 2020 reported allegations from several individuals against Steve Timmis, together with concerns about the wider church culture. The Crowded House wants to enable any who have been harmed by the leadership of the church to express this and for their experiences to be heard and considered. The Review is to examine the actions, decisions, leadership culture, and ministry activities of the church, in order to help The Crowded House leaders to understand what has happened, to seek forgiveness where appropriate, and to ensure a healthy church culture for the future.

The full scope can be viewed here.

Review process

The learning review is now complete and you can read our statement on its completion here. The Crowded House published the full report of the review on their website on Thursday 29th October 2020 along with a statement from the current elders 'fully and wholeheartedly accepting the conclusions of the Learning Review'. The review team would like to thank all those who have participated in this review, especially the victims, survivors and others affected by the matters addressed within the review.

Contacting the review

We would like to thank all those that have contacted us during the course of this review. As the review is now complete, we will no longer be accepting contact directly about the review. However, if you need help or support our Safeguarding Helpline remains open and details of how to get in touch are below.

Getting help and support

The Crowded House have commissioned an independent helpline to offer support to anyone who feels they have been harmed or impacted by the allegations relating to Steve Timmis or by any leader, or leaders of The Crowded House churches. If you have been affected in this way and you would like to speak to someone independent about this, you can contact the thirtyone:eight helpline on 0303 003 1111. Please quote ‘The Crowded House’. Information you share with the helpline will not be shared with others, unless action needs to be taken to protect you or others (in adherence to standard safeguarding practice and protocol). Our safeguarding helpline is completely independent and a member of the Helplines Partnership.

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