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Independent lessons learnt review concerning Jonathan Fletcher and Emmanuel Church Wimbledon

Last updated: 29 March 2021 13:00

Thirtyone:eight has been commissioned by Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon to undertake an independent lessons learned review concerning Jonathan Fletcher and Emmanuel Church. The full report of findings has now been published by Emmanuel Church here.

Focusing on the activities of Jonathan Fletcher while he was minister of Emmanuel, we have been commissioned to undertake a robust and comprehensive exploration of both good practice and failings in culture and safeguarding practice at Emmanuel Church Wimbledon from 1982 to the present. The review will enable the voices of those impacted by the behaviour of Jonathan Fletcher to be expressed, heard and considered alongside other contextual information and concerns from other relevant sources.

The scope for the review can be viewed here.

Review process

The review process has been entirely independent. An Independent Advisory Group has been established following an application and appointment process. The names of Independent Advisory Group participants will be kept confidential and will not be known by Emmanuel Church Wimbledon until the report is released to them. The group will oversee the work of the review and will be chaired by Justin Humphreys, Chief Executive (Safeguarding).

The review itself is being led by Dr Lisa Oakley who is working with Simon Plant. Both are experienced in undertaking organisational safeguarding reviews. The Independent Advisory Group has now finalised the detail of the scope ensuring that all legitimate perspectives and appropriate lines of enquiry have been considered (including those of victims and survivors of abuse). The Independent Advisory Group will meet at agreed intervals throughout the process of the review, with the overall purpose of guiding its work, acting as a point of reference and scrutiny, and ensuring complete independence from the commissioners.

The review has now been completed and the full report has been published by Emmanuel Church Wimbledon and can be viewed here.

Contacting the review

We would like to thank all those that have contacted us during the course of this review. As the review is now complete, we will no longer be able to consider any further information. However, if you need help or support our Safeguarding Helpline remains open and details of how to get in touch are below.

Getting help and support

If you have been affected by the matters contained within the review and you would like to speak to someone independent about this, you can contact the thirtyone:eight helpline on 0303 003 1111. Please quote ‘Southwark 2019’. Information you share with the helpline will not be shared with others, unless action needs to be taken to protect you or others (in adherence to standard safeguarding practice and protocol). Our safeguarding helpline is completely independent and a member of the Helplines Partnership.

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