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Process and method

The review will seek to be an exploration of the safeguarding culture across all the practice of Titus Trust. For clarity, this is not a safeguarding investigation into the aforementioned allegations, this is a review of the organisation to help identify any cultural aspects that may have contributed to these concerns, or prevented challenge, safeguarding action, or safe disclosure. It will also seek to highlight any progressive change or measures that have been adopted to help prevent any further recurrence and to help instill a sense of confidence in Titus Trust going forwards.

An outline of the proposed methodology is presented below, to help inform participants of the process to be adopted, and to help ensure clarity on the parameters and focus of the review.


We anticipate there being four key stages to the undertaking of this review. These are outlined below:

Stage One:

Due to the volume of volunteers and helpers across the Titus Trust during this timeline (the last five years) an initial survey will be shared with all those who express an interest in participation. This is to ensure that everyone who wishes to take part can give voice to their experiences and reflections. These will all contribute towards the learning within this review.

Stage Two:

An invitation will be made to individuals who it is felt have significant insights into the culture and practice of Titus Trust, that may speak to the scope as outlined here.

An information and consent form will be shared in advance with any interviewees to ensure they feel well informed of how their information will be used and provided with a level of autonomy regarding their involvement.

Stage Three:

Information will also be gathered from a cross-section of staff and volunteers to help inform the compilation of the culture-mapping tool. Adapted from the work of Johnson, Scholes and Whittington and their revised work on values and culture, first published in 1988, this tool, will explore the various components within this model, exploring the following six cultural domains:

  • Organisational stories and commentary
  • Symbolism and messaging
  • Power dynamics
  • Organisational structures
  • Control systems
  • Behaviours and routine

Stage Four:

A visit to Titus Trust camps is planned for summer 2021. This is subject to Covid guidance, and the viability of camps being underway. However, this is anticipated to be an imperative part of the culture review. It provides the opportunity to observe tangibly how practice reflects the organisational values, and best safeguarding practice.

An analysis of all the above findings will help inform both the findings and the learning that will seek to speak to each point of the scope, which will be comprehensively presented in the final report to be published.

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