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Failed digital ID checks

If the result of the digital ID check is FAIL, you must read and Download the Digital ID Report to understand why it has failed. You can view the reason(s) why this has failed by selecting the 'documents' tab of the application.

Depending on the reason(s) it has failed the identity check might need to be done manually. To reset the ID check click the  'RESET ID CHECK' button at the top of the application. This will allow you to re-invite the applicant or choose to complete the ID check manually.

Reasons why it might have failed?

If you Download the Digital ID Report, it will contain a 'Summary of Checks' table that will indicate a green tick for the areas that have passed and either a red X or orange triangle for areas that have caused it to fail.

Understanding the 'Summary of Checks' table

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Page last updated: 24 June 2024

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