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Inviting an applicant to submit their application

You can generate an email to each applicant inviting them to submit an application from the dashboard. 

To do this click on the Create Invite button at the top of the dashboard.

From the invitation page, you'll be able to generate your invite.

  • Select the Organisation that you wish the applicant to create their application under (for most people, there will only be one option here).
  • Select the type of application you require the applicant to submit from the options available under CHECKS REQUIRED.
  • Select if you require this to be with Digital ID Check.
  • Enter the applicant’s Forename, Surname and email address into the boxes provided.
  • The CC email address box can be completed to nominate an email address to be copied into the invite.

If you wish to invite more than one applicant to create this specific level of check for your organisation, you can click the Add Candidate button as many times as required to invite multiple applicants.

Inviting multiple candidates in bulk

If you need to invite a large list of individuals, you can use the Bulk Upload feature to upload a spreadsheet of applicants to be invited.

To use this feature, leave the forename, surname, and email address fields blank and instead upload a pre-created spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet must contain three columns only (Forename, Surname, Email address). Any invalid data contained in the spreadsheet when uploaded will fail validation and be highlighted to you at the top of the screen. You can download a blank spreadsheet for bulk uploading from our website here:

Screenshot of bulk upload button

Sending the invitations

Select an invitation template from the Email Template drop-down field. Choose from either a New Starter Invite Email or Renewal Invite Email. Selecting one of these will populate the content of the invite email on-screen for you to review and amend if required.

Tip: Do not remove anything from the template that contains a dollar sign ($) as this will stop the applicant receiving a personalised link to start their application.

Screen shot showing the two different template options.

To generate an invite to the applicant you've entered, click send. Once invitations have been generated and sent, they stay active until the applicant creates their application form or the invite expires.


Next: Track and chase invitations >

Manual option for inviting an applicant to start.

The applicant should be provided with the link to the relevant Applicants Guide depending on the level of DBS check you are needing them to start.

Standard/Enhanced Applicant Guide 

Basic Applicants Guide

These guides walk the applicant through the application process and direct them to the Thirtyone:eight  ‘Apply for a Check’ page to start the application.

Applicants should click on the ‘Start my application’ button.

Screenshot of the thirtyone:eight 'Apply for a Check webpage'

Next, they should select the appropriate application type by clicking start application’.

Screenshot of webpage, with the option to select either standard/enhanced or Basic

Next, they should enter the organisation reference in the first field and the organisation’s code in the second field - remembering any letters should be in uppercase.

Screenshot of the start application page, prompting for organisation reference and organisation code

Need help to send an invite?

Useful links:

Bulk invite template.xls

For any questions relating to our DBS system call our Disclosure Helpline, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm on 0303 003 1111.

Page last updated: 02 August 2023

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